All about Tablets

All about Tablets

Hey guys, its Ian here, hope you enjoyed my last post. I wanted to talk this time about another breed of gadget that I’m interested in, The Tablet.

These things have been around now for a few odd years and although people were unsure how they’d take-off in the early tablet days, they’ve certain found their footing in the market and now almost everyone seems to have a tablet or a smartphone or both.

Everybody wants one

I think people started taking notice of tablets when the first Nexus 7 was released in July 2012. The very first Nexus was built by Asus and gained huge popularity. It was bigger than any phone available but not too big that you couldn’t easily store it in your pocket when on the go. Its specs meant that it could competently perform any task with speed and ease of use, enabling you to enjoy media on the go on a whole new level. I bought one for a friend’s birthday and they were over the moon with it. There’s been a few generations of tablet since then however and I really wanted to discuss what was new in the tablet world.

I’ve got a MacBook which I use at home for watching movies etc, I’ve got an iPad which I use for movies/media on the go and an iPhone which I use when I haven’t got the other two devices handy. To top it off, I have a Windows laptop and a basic android smartphone which I use for work. This is the kind of world we live in now, so many gadgets available and people want them all if they can. About the only thing missing from my collection is a smart watch but I don’t think they’re established enough in the market for me to bother going down that route just yet. I think I’m loaded-up with enough tech as it is.



What’s new for 2016 in the world of Tablets

So as I had mentioned above, Asus’s Nexus 7 paved the way for the modern day tablet. Google have entrusted various manufactures along the way since the original Nexus’ release and they’ve all held true to the great price-to-performance ratio, each time gradually improving the specs. Things have kind of changed with the more recent Nexus models however as the price tags have been ramped up quite considerably, obviously with a neat set of specs to back up the cost.

The Nexus 9 produced by HTC will set you back up to £400 for the larger capacity models. The very latest Nexus on the market has been produced by Huawei and is called the Nexus 6P. It comes in a tad cheaper that the HTC Nexus but only just. Thy appear to have done such a great job that rumours suggest Google are eyeing Huawei for the next model in 2016. It has been speculated that the next model will be a 7-inch version like the very first Nexus. It will be very interesting to see if the new 7-inch model is priced as well as the first 7-inch made by Asus and the slightly improved model that followed shortly after.


The reason why Huawei have been so heavily speculated to produce the next Nexus 7, is due to their recent showings in the tablet market. Aside from the well-received Nexus 6P, the Chinese Technology giants have also been responsible for the latest X2 tablet which like the Nexus 6P, has proven to be very popular with tech lovers. It sports a 7-inch display capable of resolutions up to 1,200 x 1,920. It also has Huawei’s Kirin 930 SoC under the hood to give it a powerful punch and added to that 3GB of RAM, you’ll not find it left wanting like other inferior tablets. If you’re interested in checking out the lastest tablets available by Huawei then you may want a look on their website. You’ll be ble to keep up-to-date with all the latest gossip regarding new models expected for 2016.



Second-hand Tablets

I’ve been looking for a cheap second-hand tablet that I can use at work for testing apps etc as we’re currently creating a mobile app for our website. I’ve been scouting around for a bargain as its just for testing purposes. As long as It’s in good nick and hasn’t lost any performance, it will do. I’ve found a good website where you can get a range of second hand brand. Try searching old used tablets for sale. You can get anything from the old Nexus 7 to the latest as-new models. Worth checking out.