Apple could join Netflix, Amazon by offering exclusive streaming content


After encountering difficulties with third-party vendors in order to launch its own TV service streaming, Apple may be found the right solution. Indeed, the giant of Cupertino would have opted for a different tactic, focusing on providing its own content, like Netflix, Amazon and others do.

Apple has begun talking with members of the creative of Hollywood at the end of the year 2015 community, according to information from The Street. The sources speaking to the journalist indicate that no offer has yet been signed, and that Apple would still be in the early stages of his thoughts to see if such an offer is viable.

It would be an approach quite rather confusing and not common, if this happens. Apple would have a license to distribute exclusively on content, but would not actually involved in the production of it. Although this is new to Apple, this process is pretty common. For example, Netflix has used this approach for series like House of Cards, Narcos, or even Orange is the New Black, which are only available on the online streaming platform.

Eddy Cue of Apple would be negotiating with the leaders of Hollywood, a logical choice given his role as vice-president senior internet software and services. The Vice President of the content of iTunes, Robert Kondrk, was also involved in the talks.

Of course, although discussions are possible, this does not mean that it will happen. It seems that Apple work on original content is in its begin, and the information comes from an article by a contributor to The Street, which nevertheless is a journalist who has worked for Bloomberg and Reuters media, and is known for having many relationships with Hollywood personalities. This choice is also logical for a company that has such cash.
The publication says that Apple plans to reveal this new service in September, alongside the iPhone 7.