Apple's Health App

There is an abundance of fitness bands, watches and clip-ons that record information about how many steps you have taken, how active you have been, how many calories you have burned, how many calories you have consumed and how effective or ineffective, as the case may be, your sleep was every day. These devices are a genius invention and certainly seem to be able to support people in reaching their fitness or weight loss goals. But another wonderful creation is Apple’s Health App and I want to know which devices will be compatible with the app?


Let’s have a look at what the app can do first though.  Rather than collect just some data, the Apple Health App stores all of your biometric data in one handy place. The data that it can store includes your calorie intake and calories burned, your cholesterol level, your blood sugar level and your heart rate. The app, however, cannot collect this information so you need an fitness or health device that will gather all your biometric data and feed it to Apple. You can then use the app to keep an eye on your health and talk through the data with you GP or nurse.


So, which devices are compatible with it?


Actually, your iphone itself, with the right downloadable software, can act as a fitness detector right from the safety of your trouser pocket. If you already have an iphone you may as well make use of this software and save yourself a bit of cash.


The Fitbit Charge HR is also compatible and, handily, has a screen that displays your results minute to minute. How motivating is that?


Another excellent device that is compatible is the Misfit Flash. This device is 100% guaranteed waterproof, so you can even record your calories burned when swimming, diving, snorkeling or simply jogging in heavy rain!


Hope I was of some help today. Perhaps we can all try and get a bit healthier together? Talk again soon.