Apple TV

Apple TV

Hey folks. What have you all been up to recently? Anything interesting? My life has been pretty uneventful of late. I have been busy with work and not had much time for much else in all fairness. I’ve decided that I need to create a bit more “me time” for relaxing and rejuvenating. I intend to spend this time working on my fitness by cycling and working out. But in terms of relaxing, I like nothing more than to sit back on my sofa in front of the TV. I am pretty bored of my current cable network, it really is not value for money. So I was having a look about online for other options and found that Apple’s latest offering for sale is Apple TV. It is a TV service not unlike the service offered by the Android boxes that are now so abundantly popular. Apple TV is what it says on the tin. It is actually a TV rather than a set top box, (although an Apple TV box is also available). But of course, as with all Apple products, it is designed to perfection. Streamlined, contemporary and slick. So I’ve decided I want one, regardless of the cost. I guess I could find a used second hand Apple TV for sale online but I think in this case I am going to fork out and get myself a brand new one. But one can I look forward to once I’ve got one?


apple tv

Apple TV Channels

Well for starters, I will be able to use any iOS app available on the iPhone or iPad on the larger screen of the TV via Apple Airplay. That is a real winner, yeah! I can watch Youtube videos as they were meant to be watched in full HD! But even if I just want to browse the web or chat on Facebook, it will be a whole different experience doing it on my TV rather than on my phone, tablet or computer. Apple TV comes with excellent services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Now TV, Vimeo, HBO Now, The Disney Channel and NBC Sports. Some of the movies and boxsets available through these services are worth the cost of the TV just on their own! I’ll be able to watch the likes of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Wire right from the beginning all over again! I’ll be in heaven! (Although I do not know how much work I’ll get done as a result). In terms of news channels, they have CNN and Fox onboard. I’d rather pull my own teeth out than watch either of these tabloid excuses for modern journalism. Especially Fox! It is just a one sided Republican Donald Trump propaganda fest! They should be ashamed of themselves. All they offer is pure tat in attempt to brainwash the masses. I am disappointed that Apple have chosen to business with them in all fairness, but I guess money talks.

apple tv box


Ha! You can always rely on good old Apple! Apple TV also features Siri. I will literally be able to tell my TV what I want to watch or what app I want to you use and it will immediately be loaded up for me! Imagine that?! In fact, imagine it is still 1999 and somebody told you that this would be possible in 2016. You would no doubt have laughed at them But yet here it is, a reality. We truly are living in a remarkable age, it has to be said. This is the ultimate in automation, don’t you think?



Anyway, you can see how excited I am about my new Apple TV. I think it is really going to revolutionise the way I watch TV and my life in general. I can’t wait, seriously! Have any of you guys got Apple TV or have you had any experience of it? What did you think? Good or bad? Pros and cons? Write in to the usual address and let me know your thoughts and opinions. I would love to hear them to get an idea of what I can expect when I get my Apple TV. I you want to learn more about Apple TV, check out their website here:

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