Apple watch 2

Hello guy's. As you can see, I'm an apple addict and I would like to talk about the announcement of the production of the Apple watch 2. I already have an appel watch and I find it very convenient.


My opinion about apple watch

I find that it's a handy watch. It's very usefull and the design is perfect as usual with Apple. I can finally take the distance with my smartphone. Physically. With Apple Watch, it's almost a sense of newfound freedom: my laptop can remain in the bag or Pocket, so that only calls and messages of interest are relayed to the watch. The use of the Apple Watch that has me most amazed? The ease with which I can dictate a message to the Evernote application, and this without even having to stop listening to music on my headphones without wires. The tool proves to be magical for nothing to lose prolific inspiration of a jogging session. There are also good another features: the customization of the watch : there are several colors, different kind of bracelets ( leather, plastic,..), the ability to make a call or answer a call from the watch.

But there are also few flaws: of course, you must have an Iphone to use this watch and She rapidly depletes the battery of your iphone. The detection setting up turn on the watch to display the time does not always work as desired. Another disappointment, this is obviously the autonomy. It is obligatory to recharge the watch at least every two days if you turn it off the night. Its settings are complicated and it takes a lot of time.


So I hope that apple will improve these flaws to offer a perfect connected watch.

Apple watch 2

We don't know many things about this second generation of connected watches from Apple, and what it will offer as features, however, it is believed that it will enter into mass production in the coming months. There are still no official informations, even on the website of apple.

I've heard that the Apple Watch 2 will be on production in the second quarter of the year. As expected, a part of the production will be achieved by Quanta, and orders will be not high enough to require a second manufacturer.

Remember in November 2015, we heard that Quanta is working on the new generation of Apple smartwatch\r. In addition, only a few weeks ago various speculations said that Quanta would launch the production of the Watch 2 during the month of February.


A single constructor for low sales?


The new informations from the website Digitimes that indicate that the watch is only manufactured by Quanta added that even if Apple considered a second manufacturer, Foxconn, orders will be not high enough to require one. In other words, this means that Quanta will be responsible for 100% of orders. Apple have revised its ambitions downward since the 4th quarter of 2015, and reduced the sales forecast of the Watch 2 for 2016.

Other speculations say that the Apple Watch 2 should have a FaceTime camera, a Wi-fi chip, and several other improvements under the hood. Among them, there will found some improvements capable to improve the health and medical aspect.

Apple has never communicated on sales of its connected but according to estimates by Jupiter Research, the brand could sell Apple Watch 8.8 million in 2015 and is would be seized 51.5% of market share.

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