There has been some great news recently concerning the production of chips for low-end budget smartphones. Particularly the markets of China and India. ARM has announced that is has been producing chipsets for low budget phones that are based around the designs of the chips in their high-end phones, such as the latest iPhone models.


The chip is named the Cortex-A35 and ARM say it will bring 64-bit power to low budget smartphones. This new chip will be extremely efficient energy-wise, something that ARM have become well known for in recent times. It will feature a 1GHz processor, so this basically means that the low-end phones will be running better everything without meaning the battery only lasts for a few hours. Gone are the days of having cheap phones that are cheap for a reason. ARM is changing the game with this latest development.




The only unfortunate part of this news is that the chip is not quite ready yet. It is like to be at least another year before we see it in any phones. So you are looking at late 2016 or early 2017. ARM are confident the chip will be worth the wait though and the company itself are very excited about its release. The company has become the number one player in the smartphone chip industry, blowing Intel out of the water. ARM has very much got this niche market in the bag and it shows no sign of abating anytime soon.