Best Home Speaker for your Iphone

 Hey everyone, hope you all are having a great week. I would like to welcome you back to my computers and electronics blog. I plan on having a small party at the house soon, and for that I wanted to get a nice speaker to use that can be brought from room to room as we go along. I knew I had to buy myself one, so I thought that if I bought I used one I would be able to buy more ‘party supplies’. That’s the reason I went to and looked at the different speakers they had for sale. The only thing I was looking for was the ability to connect my speaker to the Apple TV, so that the party can go on in the living room and wherever else we end up.


I really like IHome personally, and I still have my original one in the garage at home. Now these speakers are a little more updated, they have bluetooth! I found some IHome speakers for sale at and I must say, they work great. The speakers have a range of more than 15 metres, meaning that if you are using your Iphone in your pocket you can still wander around the house. I also like the ability to control the music with your watch, as most of my friends have Apple Watches.


Beats Pill

If you watch any rap videos lately, you 100% have seen the Beats Pill speaker somewhere in it. After I found a used speaker at I was really wondering why they are so famous. This speaker has lackluster sounds, the bass isn’t anything to smile about and the price is crazy. The only thing I really like about this speaker is the size, and the design. The speaker does look like a little pill, and no matter what color you choose it looks sleek and bright. But for $200, there are lots of better choices.

Beats pill

Bose Speakers

If you don’t recognize the name, then you may recognize these as the speakers that your grandma bought online and now just sits on the table. The speakers are some of the best home speakers you can get, and for a similar price point as the Beats Pill. They can look pretty chic in your apartment, and fit great in the bag so you can bring it to the park as well. I actually have one of these from a couple years ago, and plan to use it when the parts starts to die down.

 Bose speaker

So Many Choices

It has been pretty difficult to choose what speaker to use, but I think I finally came to my decision. I plan to be using my IHome speaker during the first leg of the party, and then when people start leaving and it gets down to only a few then I will pull out my Boise. If you guys end up having this same dilemma soon, then check out these home speakers for your next party. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I will be back again soon.