Cancel Itunes Music

Hello readers, welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. Me and my friend have a shared iTunes account, and recently he decided to try out Apple Music. For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past year and don’t know what Apple Music is, Apple Music is a new music program similar to Spotify. You pay a certain amount of money each month to Apple and in exchange you get access to all the songs available on iTunes. Now, this was a great idea from Apple to try and take back their revenue from programs like Spotify and Soundcloud, although for us that have already spent a large amount of money on this music paying to ‘own’ it again seems silly. That is why I had to find out how to cancel.

How to Cancel

Canceling anything from Apple is pretty difficult. Companies these days don’t seem to want to make it easy to cancel your services, maybe because they know they are offering worse and worse service. Strangely enough, you can cancel Apple Music fairly easily. You can do it from your iOS device by simply tapping on setting, then itunes & app store. Then tap on your Apple ID, a small window will pop up for you to tap View Apple ID. You then just sign into your account with either a password or Touch ID fingerprints, and scroll to the bottom of the Account Settings page. There will be a subscriptions button to tap, and that will show you the Apple Music Membership screen. All you have to do then is tap on the button to cancel subscription. And you are done! You can go ahead and listen to all the free music you want from Youtube or other places, and no longer have to pay $9.99 a month! Don’t spend those savings all in one place.


Apple Music