The Reasons Why People Look To The Communication of Steve Jobs

The Reasons Why People Look To The Communication of Steve Jobs

When it comes to communication, you will find that Steve Jobs gets praised for it a great deal. It’s not just the tech industry that speaks highly about what he accomplished in his life, it’s those that are dealing with public speaking, and other communication industries. He was able to create a serious amount of work in a short span of time. Many people emulate his style, and look to learning from his methodologies. If you have never really considered how powerful his platform of speaking became, then the following elements should help you see how important his contributions were in regards to speaking and leadership.

Practice Speaking and Communicating Excessively

Steve Jobs was notorious for the amount of time that he spent preparing his speeches and presentations. In recent books, it was noted that he would spend hundreds of hours practicing, rehearsing, and going over notes, speaking styles, and practicing his messages. He was obsessive to the point that all of his presentations and speeches look natural. The reason why they seem that way is because he spent a lot of work going over the same mundane elements until they were perfected, memorized and easily reproduced.


Recording and Making Changes

Every major sports team today does this, and Steve Jobs did it as well. They record things. They record their communication, and they go back and take notes about it. They listen to feedback, they listen, watch, and then make changes for next time. If you want to approach communications in a powerful manner, you need to know what you sound like, what you look like, and what you can do to improve. This may be hard to do at first, but that’s the thing about greatness, it’s hard to achieve. Start with this, and you’ll find that you can master the approach of speaking, listening, and changing things on the fly.

Keeping An Open Posture

If you look at how Steve Jobs delivered messages, he always had the “open” approach to how he delivered his words. This is in his posture more than anything else. Jobs would kep his arms open, hands up, and focused on delivering the message that needed to be sent. It’s imperative to avoid closing hands across the hips hands, or the chest, but rather standing up and delivering the things that you need to deliver with confidence. Jobs was able to do this, and people commended him for it, emulate it today, and it really works.