Online Security

Hi folks! With the rise of identity theft in the modern world, online and digital security has never been as important. Viruses and malware are a constant threat to your privacy and security and it is important to protect yourself online against such cyber attacks. Here are some top tips to help you do this:

  • Ensure you have a modern antivirus and firewall program installed on your computer. If you run a PC, Windows Security essential is as good as any other security software out there and is free of charge!

  • Make sure your operating system has the latest updates installed. These include security updates and help keep your computer safe.

  • Be sure to scan all external memory storage devices, such as USB sticks and external hard drives, before opening them on your computer.

  • Be particularly careful when using the internet. Beware of spammy links which could lead to dangerous downloads that could infect your computer.

  • Links and/or attachments in emails from unknown senders should be treated as suspicious. As above, they can lead to your computer becoming infected.

  • Beware of Phishing websites that are designed to steal your confidential login details. Never act upon a request to share or verify your password. No legitimate company will ask you to do this.

  • Phishing is a way for cyber criminals to mask legitimate website with their own to steal your confidential login. Do not click on any requests to verify your password unless you requested it.

  • Always keep your login details such as passwords, usernames and memorable info secret.

The internet and all that it has to offer is a wonderful thing. But there are those who would seek to illegally exploit it for their own financial gain. Don’t let yourself fall victim to these cyber criminals!

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