The Miniscule of Sound

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Apple products and I’m interested in all the latest advances in technology that the brand has to offer. I have a few friends who make music and I’ve always been envious of the reception they receive when playing their latest tracks amongst our social group. I’ve always thought I’d like to dabble in it myself but I’ve never been confident enough in my musical ability to splash out on expensive equipment.


So, it was to my great delight to discover that Apple have recently released a superior app called Music Memos, which allows apprehensive musicians like me store, organise and produce my ideas on my iphone. They have also updated their GarageBand app to include lots of new features, such as Live Loops and drummer features!  GarageBand has proven to be the most popular music production app globally. I’ve used GarageBand in the past but have always found that I forget some of the ideas I’ve had for melodies or lyrics and can’t get them noted quickly or adequately enough.  Sometimes I use Voice memos and Notes but it’s quite arduous to transfer the ideas I’ve recorded here into GarageBand.


With Music Memos, I get the best of both GarageBand and Voice Memos and Notes but in one, handy, well organised app.  I’m not claiming to have any real musical talent but, with an app like this, even the most tone deaf amongst us can produce a track that they feel somewhat proud of.  If I feel confident enough I will upload some of my music and share the link.


Music Memos is a free app, available to use with iphone 4s and later or iPad 2 and later.