Windows 10

In my first proper entry, I would like to discuss Windows 10. At home I am an Apple user, but at work and for study, I have to use Windows systems. There were some dark days in recent times, mainly during the release stage of Windows 8, where Microsoft really looked as though they hadn’t a clue as to what they were doing. Windows 7 was a particular success, and it seems they sat back and thought they could do nothing wrong with Windows 8. Oh how wrong they were! The OS was so muddled and difficult to navigate, that it was hard to believe this was something from the 2010s. Three years of hell was to be endured until this year, with Windows skipping “9”, we had the introduction of Windows 10.

It looked and felt very similar to Windows 7. I think Microsoft wanted to get rid of any resemblance to 8. They are getting with the times, and have done away with just making for 32 and 64-bit machines. It will run on a whole new set of phones, and this will give it more of a presence like Android and iOS and OSX.  The OS itself is just so much smoother and easy to get around. After a week of using it I felt I knew it very well, which didn’t happen in 2 years with Windows 8.


I am glad Microsoft have upped their game here and it is good to see that it will be continually improved and updated, something that the company have lacked compared to Android and Apple.


Well done Microsoft!